Yazd | The Overwhelming (2021)

To escape to the past, as the lost heaven, is one of the ways to lessen the dissatisfaction of living in the hellish present. It also soothes the bewildering in the limbo of the real world.” Said Mohammad Gha’ed.

In the cities with growing signs of Under Construction, is there any way to resist the disappearance of collective memories unless taking hold of photo albums, verbal narratives, documents, etc.? While the fast-paced contemporary lifestyle with short-term policies imposes Demolish and Rebuild culture, humanity does not have time to carry all of the past for the current and future generations who live in dystopian cities.

It does not matter which story from what location is. It is only different in the form of experience that is ephemeral. It makes the situation more nostalgic for citizens.

This project is an image-based installation focusing on the city of Yazd and its topography. A juxtaposition of the past and the current time. It can also be called their history or our history, their narrative, and our narrative.


Studio Process