The Scrying Mirrors

The Scrying Mirrors is an ongoing multimedia project focusing on urbanization effects on the environment that lead to deforestation and vegetation cover elimination. Humans have become an increasingly powerful environmental force over the last 10,000 years. With the initiation of agriculture and later The Industrial Revolution, he began to alter the land and affect the atmosphere.


What goes around comes around; life is a mirror. The earth will treat humans the same way as they confront it, similar to a mirror. The Scrying Mirrors focuses on the remnants of trees and vegetation in the suburbs and cities. The long-lived and previously thick vegetation cover is shrinking fast by the rapid growth of the population and non-sustainable urban developments. However, by this desertification, what will remain of the natural heritage? Considering that humans do not inherit the earth from their ancestors, they borrow it from their children.


The Scrying Mirrors employs a piece of glass as an intermediate to the metaphysics world. It emphasizes the truth of spirit, a woman who represents nature and the environment. With its critical and universal notion, woman criticizes utilitarian and instrumentalism politics of systems to economic development and growth of capitalism that leads to earth alienation.